Ontario Winter Delights

It's definitely been a hot moment since I sat on everyones favorite coffee shop, at least here in town Tim Hortons, and do some webpage/blog refresh.

It's winter my friends!

The streets are covered by a white coat of fluffines, our mornings and afternoons with a forced workout shoveling~all day you got me shoveling, baking because it makes the kitchen warm and the house smell like home.

I definitely wasn't the type that bakes almost every day, but seen Daniel enjoy baked goods makes me wanna learn more about it; although so far it's been mostly cookies and vanilla cakes with cute frosting designs I alway try my best to see his happy face.


My home country Peru has Summer even in Winter, so I'm completely used to being in short sleeves and complain about how hot it is but I never had the pleasure of covering myself with soft blankets and feel like a kind of adrenaline every time I feel the cold breeze that make cheeks go rosie.

During the season we've been making several trips around our beautiful Ontario, there's been a little bit of everything; Christmas markets to engagement sessions since now is also the time to get out there andd make beautiful memories in dreamy landscapes.

Toronto Center Island

I'll be posting most of our winter photographs as little galleries on Instagram stories @lenamiclu



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