Hanami (花見), A little of Japan in Toronto

Have I mention how much we love Japan?

It's one of those places that will stay permanently on your travel list regardless how many times you visit and it's not difficult to see why, the whole place looks like a freaking postcard with Mario bros and cute stickers all around it.

It lives up to it's expectations, that's why you'll end up falling in love with everything related from sushi to Hello Kitty mistery box collection limited edition. (Oh yeah, they're a thing)

As we mention before we live near Toronto one of the cities that has plenty of places to help your cravings for most of the world cuisine and enough events to keep you busy almost every weekend in seasonal fairs or long roadtrips to the nearby cities.

As impressed I was with so many things to do, I have to say that I was more than pleasently surprised, kind of blown away the first time that I saw a line of Cherry Blossom trees.

My mother in law and I were on our way to do some errands when I saw a beautiful line of pink trees in front of some houses in Brantfort. Thanks God I had my camera with me that day.

We park the car near by and I ran like a little kid to see them. I could hardly believe how lucky I was to find one of my teenage dreams come to a reality. After that day I made it into a must to carry proper equipment always since probably there will be other places that had even more of them.

And oh boy I found so many more.

Cherry Blossom Tree, Toronto, Canada

With a quick Google you'll find many sites that show not only where to go but also track the full blooming process so you'll know when they're perfect to see them.

That's when Daniel, my husband, and I started to go from town to town in Ontario on the search of Sakura trees, we started with the places that were already mention online from High Park with over 2,000 trees to Centenial Park and Trinity Bellwoods. Be prepared if you're planning to go there on weekends because it's crazy busy. *Quick tip; Forget about your car and get there with the subway, the parking is worst than a mall on boxing day.

You can also try at Kiriya Park in Misisisauga, a japanese park near Square One. or maybe if you're in Burlington the Royal Botanical Garden.

Cherry Blossom, Toronto, Ontario

Since we felt a little bit more adventurous we thought it'll be cool try our luck outside of the original list.

The result was one of the most rewarding series I made up to date, we drove all the sourthen main cities like Niagara, St Catherines, or Kitchener, and then go north and surroundings of Toronto.

It was so much fun we'll end up getting to know a lot more about our small towns and cities, not to mention we found that many bakeries and grocery stores brought Cherry blossom based products. (Yes, yes, YES to Sakura strawberry Kitkat and cold Cherry blossom drinks)

If you're wondering were you can get desserts we highly recomend Sasaki Fine Pastry in Markham for their mochis out of this world or Sakura raindrop cake from Mabu Generation.

High Park Cherry Blossom flower, Toronto, Canada

Now a couple of weeks before Spring arrives we're preparing our gear to once more go a little more prepared to slowly grow our collection. This time though apart from the our favorite places we'll try farder north on towns around Quebec.

Cherry Blossom tree, Kiriya Park, Misisisauga

Cherry Blossom, Kitchener, Ontario

Cherry Blossom trees, Ontario, Canada
Cherry Blossom, Toronto, Ontario by Antonella Campana

At last, I would like to encourage you if you live in Ontario to go out and keep exploring, believe me there's so much more to see even 30 minutes away from your home. Grab your bags and give it a try!

Daniel and I feel beyond lucky to have this as our home and we'll continue to do our best to show how beautiful it is from our eyes.



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