Around the world before 30

One of the things that I got asked more often is for sure: How does it feel to travel around the world for so many years?

For starters, I was a cruise ship photographer for 9 years, so on that time I got to know every continent without really getting a second thought about it, I was more worried about work or getting enough sleep instead of thinking where I was going next. (Ok, and excepction was Japan I could barely put myself together when they gave me my flight)

There's so many things to say about traveling, how life changing, inspirational, etc

It's funny how none of those things comes first in my mind when I think about what it meant for me, what makes me smile everytime I remember the "good times".

What truly makes that time special and unfforgetable is the people you meet on the process, a wise man said; "It's crazy how this job can take me to Peru to have drinks with friends on a small bar one day and tomorrow I'll be somewhere else, just like that".

The people you travel with is the one that will stay in your memories forever, those friends that will become family will share with you the best years of your life doing something that most people can only dream about. Having espresso every Civitavecchia, going for baklavas at Istambul, getting mouth watering ice cream in Dubrovnik, going shopping like a crazy person in Dubai, new year in Rio, dog sledding in Skagway, early ramen mornings in Nagasaki, you name it. Done that. The truth is that as all this sounds unreal, what I cherish in my heart is every person that I share it with.

And so, did it helped me at all with my career?

Hell yes.

I had the pleasure to meet photographers that words can not describe from all over the globe, beautiful and incredibly creative humans that inspire me not only as friends but as career partners as well, if I learned anything my time onboard it was thanks to them.

Sometimes it felt exactly like being in college all over again living, working, eating noodles at 2am after bar time. Though I have to accept my last years on it I barely stayed on the bar, when I first join it was definitely a different story.

Quebec, Canada

On this journey I met my husband onboard, a photographer and traveler. Together we started this new chapter where we work from a home base in Ontario on what we love, and slowly plan to re-visit places that stole our hearts and became a second home while at sea.

The feeling of being constantly on the move is irreplaceable. And I'll forever be grateful with my family at sea for making this life an everlasting adventure, I love you all.

If a little introvert girl with a dream of being a photographer can do this, you can do it as well.



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