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It's a really weird feeling to be writting a blog post. It's one of those moments where you have a lot to say, but you don't know where to start. Anyways, let's see how it goes.

Daniel and I are photographers, travelers and dreamers that are lucky enough to work together on something that is truly special to us; Storytelling.

We fell in love telling stories with our photography and since day one of this adventure in our own business it was challenging but completely rewarding: Our photography is simple yet elegant and with a dreamy touch. We love to shoot as natural expresions as we can, while both of us were trained to shoot perfection, there's beauty on showing personal stories with a touch of classic and clean imperfection.

I'm a designer-photographer that spend 9 years traveling around the globe, constantly overly obsessed with stationary, Japanese culture and books. Daniel on the other hand is a gamer, Pokemon trainer(at least he tries) and Chef on the making, wich reminds me how lucky I am every single day with a husband that cooks way better than anyone I know. (My grampa approves btw)

As every other couple we love to travel and explore as much as we can on our free time. We frecuently go around our beautiful provinces of Ontario and Quebec finding breathtaking scenerys near home. So far we've been amazingly lucky, reason why we open this small blog on hopes to inspire people to live life the fullest.

And so, we welcome you to our little space where we hope you feel inspired, refreshed and most importantly at home.

With love

Daniel and Antonella


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