our story

Hi There! 

We're Daniel and Antonella

Photographers from Toronto, Ontario lucky enough to work together on something that we truly love. 

Keep reading to know more! 

Antonella is a Designer-Photographer that spend 9 years traveling around the globe perfecting her skills, constantly obsessed with Japanese culture, stationary and books. Daniel is a Photographer for almost 14 years, a traveler and a Chef that has found a new love for Italian cuisine.

As any other couple we love to travel,  almost as much as we love after working on cruise ships takes a while to get used to "land life".

Last year we started exploring our home, the province of Ontario by road.  We still have a lot of our spirit of adventure alive and kicking, so if you check our Instagram and Blog you'll find where we are at the moment. 

Needless to say we were more than pleasently surprise to find appart from breathtaking views, and world class food a warm and welcome comunity.